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Valiantys announces the acquisition of GLiNTECH to expand its global presence, with the support of Keensight Capital

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Press Release | February 13, 2024

Valiantys announces the acquisition of GLiNTECH to expand its global presence, with the support of Keensight Capital

Valiantys, with the support of Keensight Capital, one of the leading private equity managers dedicated to pan-European Growth Buyout[1] investments, announces the acquisition of GLiNTECH, an Atlassian Platinum Partner in Australia.
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Founded in 2001, GLiNTECH is an Australian IT services provider and an Atlassian Platinum Partner in Australia. The company offers value-added services that complement Valiantys’ service offerings, including Cloud migrations, Agile and ITSM transformation services, managed services, licenses, training, and more. GLiNTECH transacts with hundreds of local clients, building a stellar reputation for excellent customer outcomes.

The acquisition of GLiNTECH opens up tremendous market potential, enabling Valiantys to extend its market leadership into the Asia-Pacific region. With a combined global entity, Valiantys will be better equipped to provide Atlassian-specific capabilities, leading practices, and specialized skills to customers in previously untapped regions, such as New Zealand, Singapore, and beyond. With GLiNTECH, Valiantys reinforces its leading position as a specialized global leader for Atlassian solutions.

Emmanuel Benoit, Global Chief Executive Officer at Valiantys said: “We are thrilled to unite with GLiNTECH, propelling our presence into untapped, emerging markets like Asia-Pacific, Southeast Asia and beyond. This strategic expansion aims to replicate our proven success by introducing established skills, processes, and capabilities to these new regions, ultimately delivering compelling customer experiences on a global scale.

Dimitri Spyridopoulos, Chief Executive Officer at GLiNTECH commented: “Both Valiantys and GLiNTECH are extremely successful Atlassian Platinum partners in our respective markets. Coming together means we are going to deliver even greater outcomes to our combined customer base and beyond. Together we are the clear global leader.

Philippe Crochet, Managing Partner at Keensight Capital, concluded: “We are very excited to support Valiantys with this new acquisition, which is in line with our ambitions to complete the international footprint of the company. With GLiNTECH, Valiantys will reinforce its position as a global leader for Atlassian solutions and explore new market opportunities.

[1] Growth Buyout: investment in profitable, private companies experiencing strong growth, in minority or majority positions, with or without leverage, using a flexible approach tailored to the needs of individual entrepreneurs, in order to finance organic growth projects, acquisition strategies or provide historic shareholders with liquidity.

About Keensight Capital
Keensight Capital (“Keensight”), one of the leading European Growth Buyout firms, is committed to supporting entrepreneurs as they implement their growth strategies. For over 20 years, Keensight Capital’s team of seasoned professionals has leveraged their knowledge of investment and growth industries to invest for the long term in profitable companies with high growth potential and revenues in the range of €10 million to €400 million. Drawing on its expertise in the Technology and Healthcare sectors, Keensight identifies the best investment opportunities in Europe and works closely with management teams to develop and achieve their strategic vision. Keensight Capital’s success has also earned it a Gold Award from the Private Equity Exchange & Awards each year for the last seven consecutive years, and in particular, the Best European Growth Private Equity Fund.

About Valiantys
Valiantys is a leading global consulting and services firm dedicated to Atlassian. The company accelerates business transformation by digitizing processes and modernizing teamwork, using the best agile methods and tools. Its Atlassian technical expertise is unparalleled and Valiantys supports its customers across the entire spectrum of projects on those platforms. As a recognized Agile at Scale, ITSM, and Cloud Specialized Partner, Valiantys help organizations accelerate time to value with Agile at scale, cloud, and ITSM implementations. Because teamwork requires more than just tools, the firm bridges the gap between applications and strategic practices such as SAFe® and ITIL. Over the last 15 years, Valiantys has helped more than 5,000 customers achieve their desired business outcomes at a reduced time to value, through improved team collaboration. More information about Valiantys can be found at

GLiNTECH is a renowned Atlassian Platinum Partner headquartered in Australia and is the preferred choice for over 300 leading brands. The company has amassed more than 20 years of experience servicing enterprise clients across the Asia Pacific region, earning Atlassian Partner of the Year four times, including most recently for Professional Services. GLiNTECH is recognized as a Specialized Atlassian Cloud and ITSM partner, and offers deep expertise in Licensing, Training, Support, Managed
Services, Consulting, and Agile methodologies and has a proven record in providing reliable solutions while driving success within the Atlassian ecosystem. More information about GLiNTECH can be found here:

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