Keensight Performance Director
Chief Product Officer

Kana is a Director at Keensight.

Alongside the investment team, Kana provides hands-on support to portfolio companies, assisting with product strategy and roadmap management, organizational transformations, scaling up and international expansion.

Prior to joining Keensight, Kana held the position of Chief Product Officer at Capita PLC, a leading BPO company in the UK. As the head of Capita’s extensive SaaS portfolio in the Public Sector, Payments, and Financial Services markets, he successfully managed various product initiatives and played a key role in developing and launching new product offerings for clients.

Kana gained valuable experience working directly under KKR management at First Data, managing M&A integrations and leading international product launch initiatives. He has extensive experience in building product organizations, as well as legacy-to-cloud product transformations.

With an entrepreneurial background, Kana started his career by founding and running a digital consultancy business in London. This experience instilled in him a deep understanding of the ever-changing digital landscape across a wide variety of business domains.