Frédéric THOMAS


Chief Technical Officer

Frederic Thomas is a CTO (Chief Technical Officer) at Keensight Capital.
He is responsible for providing support to portfolio companies on various topics related to Software R&D, such as optimizing R&D in terms of methodology, management, architecture, cloud migration, etc.

Before Keensight, Frederic worked as CTO-as-a-service for famous software companies including Borland, Novell, Sybase, etc. He also was the CTO of Oodrive, a Keensight portfolio company, where he trained a whole team of more than 150 employees to Agile practices.

Prior to that, he was CTO at InStranet (1999-2011), acquired in 2008 by, where he wrote Salesforce Knowledge base. He also spent 3 years at Salesforce headquarters in San Francisco.

Frederic brings 30 years of experience as a software engineer and manager in complex international R&D environments.